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Synbio Technologies is a multinational corporation with rapid growth, we have companies both in the United States and China. As the need of development of company, we want to recruit a variety of talents. We provide equal employment opportunities with no bias. For more details, you can contact:

Synbio Technologies

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Product manager Post specifications


  1. Assist with the strategic direction of product/service development and to formulate annual development direction, plan and long-term competitive strategy of the product;
  2. Conduct investigation and comprehensive analysis of the industry; understand the product market and customers’ requirements; provide market basis and suggestions for enterprise strategic decision;
  3. Supervise the whole process of product design, development, packaging, distribution, pricing, launch, etc.;
  4. Set the strategy, plan and promotion plan for the company and products; organize the team to execute, track and feedback;
  5. Collect the feedback information after the launch of products; manage the product brand and cost;
  6. Be responsible for product development; follow the progress and quality of products; optimize product quality and promote the value of the products;
  7. Coordinate with related departments (such as sales, marketing, production, research and development) to plan, organize and implement product promotion activities, academic lectures and other marketing activities;
  8. Maintain communication with customers; provide professional and efficient technical support; coordinate with customers’ feedback and keep continuous improvement;
  9. Assist to complete other products related works.


  1. Doctoral degree, major in biology or related fields, 2 years overseas working experience;
  2. Good data analysis and judge capability; be able to conduct market analysis independently
  3. Strong innovation and pioneering ability; be fond of designing the content of promotional materials;
  4. Good management skills, communication skills, adaptability and organization coordination ability;
  5. Hardworking; able to travel or work abroad.