Bacterial Expression System

The E.coli as the host cell is typically used for the prokaryotic expression system for several reasons. The cells have advantages such as rapid proliferation, high expression, easy purification, good stability, strong anti-pollution ability and cost effectiveness. This is why the bacterial expression system is not only the most mature and reliable, but also the most commonly used, economical and effective option for protein expression.

However, there are some difficulties with the prokaryotic expression system. For example, current codon usage bias in CDS or carrier regulatory elements are incompatible with the host bacteria. This may lead to the failure of interest protein expression or low expression. Another issue that may arise is that even if the expression of interest protein succeeds, it may not be soluble.

With years of experience in protein expression and purification, Synbio Technologies has developed a cost-effective bacterial expression platform to deliver high purity proteins to our customers. By using the NGTM Codon OptimizationTechnology, the expression level in bacterial can significantly improve. We also offer the Syno® Guaranteed package, which guarantees 3-5 mg recombinant protein of >85% purity to be delivered to our customers.

Competitive Advantages

Service Procedure

Bacterial Expression System

Service Specifications

Gene Synthesis
Codon Optimization Gene Synthesis
3-5 µg of lyophilized plasmid DNA
Starting at 7 Business Days
Starting at $0.25/bp
Protein Expression & Purification
Syno® Guaranteed Package
  • 3-5 mg protein
  • >85% purity
  • COA
6-8 Weeks
Standard Package
  • Purified Protein
  • COA
Starting at 6 Weeks
Endotoxin Removal
Endotoxin level can reach 0.1EU/μg, upon request
  • Endotoxin Testing Report
1-2 Weeks
Large-scale Protein Production
From milligram to gram level
  • Purified Protein
  • COA

For those proteins with further special requirements, Synbio Technologies provides you a variety of post processing options. These options include protein tag removal after purification, filtration sterilization, endotoxin removal, lyophilization, N-terminal sequencing and other services.