PCR cloning & subcloning

PCR Cloning and Subcloning

PCR cloning and subcloning are two main ways to amplify DNA sequences. Using our patent pending technologies Syno® 2.0 tool and Clone 3.1 system, Synbio Technologies can clone any target gene into any site of any vector, satisfying various requirements of customers. Moreover, we can also provide high-throughput subcloning services with high efficiency.

Different from subcloning, during PCR cloning, modified sequences can be introduced into primer binding sites of DNA sequences, leading to a wide application but hard experimental operation. According to the model clone and sequence from customers, we will design the amplified primers, clone the PCR product of interest into new vector, and finally verify it by Sanger sequencing.

Subcloning is defined as the process that the known model sequences from one vector are transferred to another vector with the same restriction enzyme sites.In specific DNA fragments clone, the sequence and restriction enzyme sites will remain the same in two vectors.

Information required for PCR cloning and subcloning services

DNA sequence: If the sequence has not been verified, we would do sequence validation as required (Additional fees will be charged).

Vector: Commercial vectors are preferred. For specific vectors (contrast to commercial ones) constructed by the customer, full length sequence is needed. If there is no sequence information, we would do sequence validation as required (Additional fees will be charged).

If rare restriction endonucleases or special molecular biological reagents are used in the experiment, customers may be requested to provide these reagents. Synbio Tech. can purchase them for you, and the additional cost for these reagents will be charged. All purchased reagents will be returned to customers after the delivery.

Price and TAT

DNA fragment length Price Turnaround time (Business days)
< 1kb Inquiry 10-13
1 kb-2 kb Inquiry 10-13
2 kb-3 kb Inquiry 15-18
> 3 kb Inquiry Inquiry

Note: The TAT is the time after DNA and vector sequence have been confirmed.

Delivery form

Synbio Technologies’ standard package including:

  • Lyophilized plasmid DNA (4µg)
  • Sequencing chromatogram
  • Certificate of analysis (COA)

Note: The turnaround time applies to non-complex sequences. Please contact service@synbio-tech.com to quote for the complex sequences.

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