Plasmid DNA Preparation

Plasmid Preparation

Synbio Tech. provides comprehensive DNA preparation services. For years, we satisfy our customers not only from research institutes, but also from bio-technology and biopharmaceutical industries. Synbio Technologies commits to continuously meet customers’ needs in the fields of DNA vaccine, antibody preparation and other clinical studies.


  • Regular plasmid extraction
  • Research-level plasmid prep (endotoxin lower than 100 EU/mg)
  • Preclinical level plasmid prep (endotoxin lower than 30 EU/mg)
Service type
Turnaround time (Business days)
Bundle with gene synthesis 100 µg – 10 mg 5-7 days
From templates previously synthesized by Synbio Technologies 100 µg – 10 mg 7-9 days
From customer-provided templates 100 µg – 10 mg 9-11 days

Note: The final quantity may be variable depending on the plasmid & host cells.

Optional services

  • Sequence verification via Sanger sequencing
  • Bacterial stored in glycerol or LB broth

Quality assurance

  • A260/280 analysis
  • Supercoil percentage analysis
  • RNA residue analysis
  • Genomic DNA analysis
  • Restriction enzyme analysis (optional )
  • Endotoxin analysis (optional )

What we need

100 ng DNA sample (diluted with ddH2O or TE buffer), colonies (fresh) or bacteria stored in glycerol.

Delivery form

Synbio Tech.’s standard delivery package including:

  • Prepared plasmid DNA
  • Certificate of analysis (COA)
  • QC report

How to order

+1 732-230-3003


+1 609 228 5911

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