Custom Oligo Synthesis

Oligo Synthesis

By using advanced production technology, Synbio Technologies provide conventional primers, ultra-high purity primers, degenerate primers, aptamer synthesis and fluorescent probes for world-class scientific research and industrial customers. In addition, Synbio Tech. can also provide high-throughput synthesis of primers above according to customer individual requirements. With our experienced engineers and world-class synthesizer, we reaped a good reputation and brand trust in the industry.

Advantages of Oligo Synthesis

  1. High quality: average mutation rate is lower than 1/1000;
  2. Free technical support: you can always get our meticulous technical support;
  3. Highly customized: we provides different methods of purification, specifications and delivery forms.

Oligo Synthesis Services

  1. Oligo/primer synthesis
  2. Degenerate primers
  3. Aptamer synthesis
  4. Fluorescent probes
  5. Oligo pool

Modified primer and Fluorescent probe synthesis

Synbio Tech. provides diverse modified primer synthesis services, including primers with dU/dI, Amino, Biotin, Phosphorylation, etc..

Synbio Tech. also provides different fluorescent groups at 3′, 5′ or designated locations according to your needs, including FAM, HEX, ROX, BHQ and Texas Red. In addition to single fluorescent group modification, we also provide double labeling probe with TAMRA, BHQ, DABYCL, ELCISPE and other series of fluorescent groups. Commonly used Dye and Quenchers are as follows:

Oligo Synthesis Delivery Form

Synbio Technologies’ standard package including:

  1. Lyophilized DNA: 2 OD, 1 tube(Transparent or dark);
  2. Certificate of analysis (COA): including sequences, OD, Tm and other details.

How to order oligo synthesis services

If you have any question, please contact us anytime for assistance in business days. Our experienced project managers will provide you professional support to ensure the success of your project.
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