Protein Expression and Purification

Protein Expression and Purification

Still struggling with DNA sequence optimization and downstream expression? Still busy into troubleshooting to protein purification?Still stuck in your project because of insufficient recombinant protein amout and/or purity? Our experienced scientific team will provide you protein expression and purification services fast and reliable.
Based on our propriety “GPS” platforms, we can help our customer to generate high purity recombinant proteins ranging from milligram to gram level. Our patent Syno®Codon Optimization Technology enables a significant increase of protein expression level in any given host.
Synbio Technologies offers the bacterial and yeast expression systems. Together with our powerful Syno®2.0 gene synthesis platform, the project could be started from a fast gene synthesis upon your request. Simply submit your gene or protein sequence, high quality purified recombinant protein will arrive to your bench in as soon as 6 weeks.


  • Free gene optimization by the usage of our patent Syno®Codon Optimization Technology.
  • Syno®Expression Vector Series: optimized tag combinations to increase the expression level and solubility.
  • Flexible Services: we provide both prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, comprehensive purification methods, and various refolding strategies.
  • Guaranteed Amount: for bacterial expression system, we confidently guarantee to deliver at least 3 mg purified recombiant protein.


Protein expression and purification services of Synbio Technologies including:

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