Syno®3.0 Next Generation Gene Synthesis

Syno®3.0 Next Generation Gene Synthesis Platform

Synthetic biology derives from a long-envisioned goal of creating, controlling and programming intricate biological systems. The design and construction of new biological parts, devices, and systems, or the remodeling of existing, natural biological systems provide a broad range of applications in sectors including drug discovery, chemical production and the renewable biofuel industry. Research in synthetic biology involve the transformation of single genes into integrated modules and the study of polygenes and systems associated with genomes.

The Syno®3.0 next generation DNA synthesis platform offers revolutionary large-scale gene synthesis in an efficient, low cost manner that will open up new avenues for the development and industrialization of synthetic biology applications. By leveraging precise electrochemical technology, massive on-chip parallel synthesis and off-chip UltraTMAssembly technology, the next-generation Syno®3.0 next generation DNA synthesis platform enables synthesizing of over 500,000 nucleobases and building DNA strands as long as 30,000bp on a single chip with one synthetic circle.


  1. Syno®3.0 next generation DNA synthesis platform, price starts at $0.09/bp
  2. Patented NGTMCodon optimization software at no extra charge
  3. 100% sequence verification by Sanger sequencing and NGS
  4. Customizable delivery format, 96 well plates or 384 well plates
  5. Bundled cloning service with any plasmid vector
  6. Streamlined downstream services at minimal cost


Syno®3.0 is an ideal tool for creating DNA constructs to use in:

  1. DNA Oligo pools and DNA Oligo pool libraries such as CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA library, prokaryotic promoter and terminator library, and RNA aptamer library.
  2. Gene cluster and genome synthesis and assembly.

The Syno®3.0 proprietary UltraTMAssembly technology developed at Synbio Tech has overcome several limitations in synthesizing large and complex DNA constructs such as gene clusters, pathways, and genomes. Synbio Tech has manufactured and supplied more than 1 hundred base pairs of 10Kb-long synthetic DNA strands for Synthetic Yeast 2.0 (Sc 2.0) Project. The Syno®3.0 next generation DNA synthesis platform has successfully assembled 1Kb-long synthetic DNA strands for metabolic and synthetic biology research.

Price and Turnaround Time

Product Service Gene length Turnaround time
(Business days)
Syno®3.0 next generation gene synthesis
  • Codon optimization (optional)
  • Gene synthesis
  • Fragment assembly
<200Kb 20-30 days Inquire
> 200Kb Inquire Inquire

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