One Stop Solution From Hybridoma Sequencing To Recombinant Antibody

Synbio Technologies provides a one stop solution to recombinant antibody research. We can accurately obtain hybridoma sequences from any species or isotypes. With the combination of our proprietary Syno® gene synthesis platform and high throughput antibody manufacturing, your final recombinant antibody products will be delivered to support your scientific research in a timely and cost effective manner.

One stop solution
Customized services

Multiple model species
CH, CL, VH, VL, full length

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From Hybridoma Sequencing to Recombinant Antibody Process

from-hybridoma-seq-to-recombinant Ab

Service Specifications

ServicesTurnaround TimePriceDeliverables
From Hybridoma Sequencing
to Recombinant Antibody
Hybridoma Sequencing
Gene Synthesis
Plasmid Preparation
Cell Transfection & Culture
Protein Purification
Recombinant Antibody
5-6 WeeksStarting at $1,299
  • Expression evaluation withμg-mg antibody
  • QC report
Starting at $1,599
  • ~1 mg antibody
  • QC report

*Customers will need to submit hybridoma cell samples (>1×106 cells) and indicate the subtype of your monoclonal antibody. For more information please contact us at

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