Jumpstart Your Research This Autumn!


Autumn is coming up quick, and we know that many of you are finally returning to your labs! Synbio Technologies is preparing a series of special back-to-the-lab promotions for you, including 15% OFF on gene synthesis, 20% OFF on plasmid DNA preparation, 30% OFF on hybridoma sequencing, etc. More surprises are waiting for you!

15% OFF on Gene Synthesis

Why us?
★ Guaranteed 100% Sequence Accuracy
★ Experienced in Complex Sequences
★ Free Codon Optimization
★ ISO9001&ISO13485 Standards

Gene Synthesis Services
Fragment/Gene Synthesis15% OFF
● Pathway/Genome Synthesis
● High-throughput Gene Synthesis
● Synthetic DNA Libraries

20% OFF on Plasmid Preparation

Why us?
★ High Quality & Fast Delivery
★ 100% Accuracy
★ Optional Endotoxin Level
★ Strict Quality Control

Molecular Biology Services
Plasmid DNA Preparation20% OFF
● PCR Cloning
● Subcloning
● Site-Directed Mutagenesis Services

10% OFF on Protein Expression

Why us?
★ One Stop Service
★ Free Codon Optimization
★ Highly Customized Solution
★ High Success Rate
★ Fast Delivery & Low Cost

Protein Expression Services
● NGTM Codon Optimization
Bacterial Protein Expression System10% OFF
● Yeast Protein Expression System
● Mammalian Protein Expression System
● Insect Protein Expression System

30% OFF on Hybridoma Sequencing

Why us?
★ Multiple Species Capabilities
★ 10,000+ Projects Delivered
★ 100% Accuracy Guarantee
★ Customized Bioinformatics Analysis
★ One Stop Solution

Antibody Discovery Services
Hybridoma Sequencing30% OFF
● AI based Antibody Design and Production
● Antibody Humanization
● Antibody Affinity Maturation
● Antibody Bioinformatics Analysis

20% OFF on sgRNA Library

Why us?
★ 20+ Model Species
★ Customized Design & Synthesis Platform
★ Reduce Off-target Rate
★ No Gene & Species Restrictions
★ 200+ Libraries (Ko, Ki, CRISPRa)

sgRNA Library Services20% OFF
● sgRNA Library Synthesis
● sgRNA Library Design and Screening
● Genome Editing in Mammalian Cells
● Yeast Genome Editing
● sgRNA Bioinformatics Service