Chip Based DNA Synthesis

Syno®3.0 synthetic platform is a chip based DNA synthetic platform. With help of precise electrochemical technology, we can synthesize tens or even hundreds of thousands primers for one-time on a semiconductor chip.

Our innovative design and process can ensure the high quality DNA fragments (including primers, components and genes), the whole gene synthesis, pathway synthesis, genome synthesis, Oligo pool, as well as synthesis of various mutation libraries. Adopting the chip synthesis technology in real sense, we provide the best price and flux in synthetic biology industry. The customized services of our gene products have covered the synthesis, construction and shuttle of arbitrary DNA fragment in any vector system.


Oligo Pools chip synthesis


  1. Oligo pool
  2. Variant library construction
  3. Genes elements/circuit or pathways construction
  4. Antibody optimization through affinity maturation

The Syno® 3.0 process is scalable, which allows us to produce from 20 genes to 20,000 genes using the same process with the same turnaround time— in 30 business days or less. Our team handles orders over 2,000,000 base pairs routinely.


  1. Economy: cheap enough to <1 cents/nt
  2. High throughput: 10 thousand to 100 thousand primers can be synthesized on1 chip
  3. Low mutation rate: there is 1 error about every 200bp
  4. Short TAT: chip synthesis cycle <1 week