DNA Solutions to Antibody Discovery


Synbio Technologies provides a broad range of DNA technologies services related to antibody discovery. Our technical platforms encompass all stages of antibody discovery by integrating “DNA Reading” (sequencing), “DNA Writing” (synthesis), “DNA Editing” and affinity mutation & humanization. In addition, we can deliver high-quality and cost-effective antibody expression to streamline your antibody/protein discovery.

Discovery by DNA “Reading” —— Geno AbTM Bioinformatics Analysis Platform

  • High success rate to immune repertoire study
  • Comprehensive data mining and interpretation analyses for NGS based immune repertoire

Discovery by DNA “Writing” —— Syno AbTM Design and Production Platform

  • A novel approach to generate “bio-better” molecules
  • De novo antibody design using our proprietary molecular simulation algorithm

Featured Services

For more information on Synbio Technologies’ antibody services, please contact our experienced project managers through the email quote@synbio-tech.com. Additionally, Synbio Technologies will be presenting a poster on our novel DNA solutions to antibody discovery at PepTalk San Diego January 14-18th. Visit us at booth #305 to find out what our gene synthesis experts can do for you.

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