Complex Sequences, Easy Synthesis


Complex sequence synthesis technology has always been the focus of attention in gene synthesis and synthetic biology fields. Synbio Technologies has developed a cutting-edge DNA synthesis technology consisting of the Syno® 1.0, Syno® 2.0 and Syno® 3.0. Relying on our proprietary Syno® Platforms, combined with extensive syntheses experience, we can successfully synthesize complex sequences, including repetitive sequence (>20 bp), high GC (>80%), low GC (<20%), hairpin structure, poly structure, etc. We guarantee that the synthesized genes will be 100% accurate and completed within the estimated turnaround time.

Competitive Advantages

  • FREE Codon Optimization: Proprietary NGTM Codon Optimization Software can produce higher-yielding protein expression.
  • Competitive Synthesis Capacity: High quality assurance perfectly resolves the synthesis of various complex sequences.
  • Guarantee 100% Sequence Accuracy: Sanger sequencing, instead of NGS, is conducted to verify sequence accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Syno® Platform: Complete synthesis platform with the entire Syno®1.0-3.0 technologies to meet the customer needs.
  • Syno® Assembly Technology: Sophisticated assembly technology allows us to accurately synthesize and construct sequences up to 150 kb in length.

Service Specifications

Gene LengthPrice*Turnaround Time
(Business Days)
<250 bp$507-9
  1. 2~5 µg lyophilized plasmid DNA
  2. Sequencing chromatogram
  3. Certificate of analysis (COA).
250-1500 bp$0.25/bp7-9
1501-3000 bp$0.25/bp10-15
>3000 bpQuoteQuote

* Price and turnaround time apply to the non-complex sequences. Please contact to quote for the complex sequences.

Case Studies

Through the NGTM Codon Optimization Software, Synbio Technologies is capable of synthesizing complex sequences (Figure 1 and 2). We guarantee a rapid turnaround times and high fidelity with the competitive prices in the industry.

Figure 1: Low GC
Figure 2: High GC & Repetitive Sequence

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