Back to School Promotion – Gene Synthesis Starting at $0.09bp

gene synthesis
With our proprietary Syno®DNA Synthesis Platforms, Synbio Technologies offers a series of promotions to meet your requirements for both gene “writing” and “editing”. The Syno®DNA Synthesis Platform is designed to “write”, or synthesize, genetic sequences with varying complexity and structures up to 150kb in length. This is done with both accuracy and efficiency, leading to a high-quality product and with a fast turnaround time. All of which has led Synbio Technologies to become one of the premier companies within the gene synthesis industry. So, let Synbio Technologies fulfill all your gene synthesis and back-to-school needs with our trusted and proven Syno® DNA Synthesis Platform.

Gene Synthesis Starting at $0.09/bp , valid through October 31st, 2017.

Gene LengthOrder Size (kbp)Turnaround Time
(Business Days)
<1.5 kb<1007-9Currently:$0.18/bp
100 and above20-45Starting at $0.09/bp
1.5-3 kb<10010-15Currently:$0.18/bp
100 and aboveQuoteQuote
>3 kb/QuoteQuote

* The price applies to non-complex sequences submitted through our online inquiry system. This promotion is valid through October 31st, 2017. For more details, please visit our website.

10% OFF — sgRNA Library Design & Synthesis. Valid through September 30th, 2017

With our proprietary Syno®3.0 DNA Synthesis Platform, we can construct a diverse, high-quality sgRNA library both quickly and efficiently.

FREE Subcloning – Bundled with Gene Synthesis Orders. Valid through October 31st, 2017
We utilize professional cloning protocols, capable of cloning any genetic sequence into any site of any vector. This gives our customers a highly-specific product which is tailor made to their research interests and requests.

Syno®DNA Synthesis Platform Capacity and Capabilities:

  • Synthesize genes with record breaking length of over 150,000 bp.
  • Synthesize genes with complex sequences and structures.
  • Generate up to gram level for plasmid preparation.
  • Synthesize DNA libraries with capacities of up to 1014.
  • Designed and synthesized over 1,000,000 sgRNA sequences.

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