Synbio Technologies Gene Synthesis Services


Synbio Technologies is focused on DNA synthesis technologies and its applications. Based on our proprietary Syno® DNA synthesis technology platform, we offer top-notch, 100% accurate gene synthesis services with fast turnaround and the most competitive prices in the industry. Our professional team averages ten years of hands-on experience in molecular biology. We provide one-stop services for gene synthesis, subcloning, plasmid preparation, site-directed mutagenesis, DNA library design and synthesis, and more.

Service Advantages

  • FREE Codon Optimization: proprietary NGTM Codon Optimization Technology enables the design of higher-yield and better-performing proteins.
  • Fast Delivery: for sequences less than 1.5kb, we deliver in as few as 7-9 business days.
  • Professional Team: experienced in complex gene sequences, such as repeated sequences, hairpin structures and high GC percentage.
  • Syno® Assembly Technology: ensures delivery of long genes up to 150 kbp.
  • USA Based Plasmid Prep: efficient procedure and fast turnaround times.

Current Promotion:Every Friday — $0.15/bp

Gene lengthTAT (Business days)Price*
<1.5 kb7-9$0.15/bp
1.5-3 kb10-15$0.15/bp
3-5 kb20-25Quote
>5 kbQuoteQuote

Now through Aug 31st, 2018, customers of Synbio Technologies can receive discounted gene synthesis services! Prices start at $0.15/bp for sequences under 3kb in length—just request your quotes on Friday.

What’s NEW?

DNA StudioTM IP Protection Solution:

  • Provides customized IP protection for your embedded security code
  • Ensures the complete, customized, protection of your proprietary information

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