Back to School Promotion – Gene Synthesis Lowered to $0.19/bp

Gene Synthesis-0904

For many of our customers, September means getting back into school institutes and laboratories alike. With our proprietary Syno® DNA Synthesis Platforms, Synbio Technologies offers a series of promotions to meet your requirements for both gene “writing” and “editing” is done with both accuracy and efficiency, leading to a high-quality product and with a fast turnaround time. So, let Synbio Technologies fulfill all your gene synthesis and back-to-school needs with our trusted and proven Syno® DNA Synthesis Platform.

Gene Synthesis Starting at $0.19/bp, valid through October 31th, 2018

Gene LengthTurnaround Time (Business Days)Price*
<1.5 kb7-9Currently: $0.19/bp
Was: $0.25/bp
1.5 – 3 kb10-15Currently: $0.19/bp
Was: $0.25/bp
>3 kbQuoteQuote

* The price applies to non-complex sequences submitted through our online inquiry system. This promotion is valid through October 31st, 2018. For more details, please visit our website:

Syno® DNA Synthesis Platform Capacity and Capabilities:

  • Synthesize genes over 150,000 bp in length with 100% accuracy.
  • Synthesize genes with complex sequences and structures.
  • Generate up to gram level for plasmid preparation.
  • Synthesize synthetic libraries with capacities of up to 1014.

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