The Art of Synthesis! — Special Gene Synthesis Gift for Thanksgiving Day


Synbio Technologies specializes in all aspects related to DNA synthesis. Our newest innovation in DNA synthesis is our patented DNA StudioTM. Using this technology we can synthesis any genes and we can encrypt your construction.

The World’s First DNA Solution for IP Protection.
FREE Encryption Through December 31st, 2018.


“Whatever you’re protecting, construct in its origin.”


Special Gene Synthesis Promotion for Thanksgiving Day

Synbio Technologies is offering 10% off for your order on Thanksgiving Day 2018. This 10% discount promotion is applied to all orders for Synbio Technoloiges’ Syno® Gene Synthesis, Synthetic DNA Libraries, CRISPR Cas9 services, Protein Expression and Purification and Express Plasmid Preparation order.

Synbio Technologies is focused on DNA synthesis technologies and its applications within various fields of biological research and development. Our range services include gene synthesis, subcloning, plasmid preparation, site-directed mutagenesis, DNA library design and synthesis. These services have been perfected by our technicians over decades of hands-on gene synthesis experiences. These experiences allow us to offer our customers with innovative, 100% accurate sequence synthesis and guaranteed delivery. So on this holiday enjoy high quality gene synthesis services at a discounted rate.

How to Access This Promotion

  • Simply submit your order request through our online quotation system.
  • Enter the promotional code: zv3ahq at “Step 2: Verify” to acquire the 10% discount.

Service Advantages

    • FREE Codon Optimization: Proprietary NGTM Codon Optimization Technology enables the design of genetic sequences optimized to produce higher-yielding protein expression.
    • Fast Delivery: We can deliver non-complex sequences less than 1.5 kb in as few as 7-9 business days.
    • Syno® Assembly Technology: Sophisticated assmembly technology allows us to accurately synthesize and construct sequences up to 150 kb in length.
    • FREE Encryption: Patented DNA StudioTM Technology inserts a synthesized security code into the requested sequence.