Start at $0.09/bp—New Milestone in Gene Synthesis

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The prohibitive cost of synthetic genes is perhaps one of the greatest factors limiting the advancement of synthetic biology as a whole. Synbio Technologies has developed a new generation of high-throughput, low-cost DNA synthesis technology that reduces the cost of gene synthesis by 30% or more. With our advanced Syno®3.0 platform, Synbio Technologies is at the forefront of the new generation of DNA synthesis technology for biomedicine, new energy, crop breeding, and information technology. We provide an integrated DNA solution platform that includes DNA design, assembly and application for customers around the world.

  • The only complete platform in the world with the entire Syno®1.0-3.0 technologies to meet the customer needs in flux, delivery cycle, pricing, synthesis difficulty and other different dimensions.
  • Syno®3.0 platform gene synthesis—start at $0.09/bp.
  • 100% sequence accuracy for all sequences delivered by the Syno®3.0 platform.

Price and Delivery Time(For single gene length <1.5kb):

Total base pairPrice*Turnaround Time
<100 kbpstart at $0.19/bpQuote
100-200 kbpstart at $0.15/bpQuote
200-500 kbpstart at $0.12/bpQuote
>500 kbpstart at $0.09/bpQuote

*Gene length at 1.5kb or above, please get a quote:
* For the orders less than 100 kbp in total,Synbio Technologies also provides Syno®2.0 platform to deliver synthetic genes in as short as 10 business days with the price starting at $0.19/bp.

How to Order Gene Synthesis Services

Online Inquiry
+1 732-230-3003
+1 609 228 5911

Submit gene/protein sequence: Gene synthesis online inquiry.