Design with SnapGene and Save 50% on Synthesis with Synbio Technologies

SnapGene has quickly become one of the premier software for genetic design, while Synbio Technologies has become one of the premier companies for gene synthesis. Together, our customers can design with SnapGene and synthesis with Synbio Technologies. This allows customers all over the world to have high quality software to design their sequences and effective gene synthesis techniques to generate the final product. Through the end of March, SnapGene customers will receive 50% off their first 30 constructs ordered through Synbio Technologies.
The receive this 50% discount, follow these two simple steps:
1.Design with SnapGene

SnapGenes’ intuitive and user-friendly software makes it extremely easy to use for individuals with varying knowledge and capabilities with respect to molecular biology. You can easily design a custom sequence and visualize various features such as antibiotic resistance, restriction enzyme sites, sequence length, and even open reading frames. Collectively, these features embedded within the SnapGene software make many aspects of biological research and development much easier.


2.Synthesize with Synbio Technologies
To order the design construct simply scroll over the “File” tab in the upper right-hand corner, select “Order Construct” and click on “Synbio Technologies”. This will bring you to our online ordering system. Synbio Technologies has years of experienced synthesizing even the most complex of sequences with guaranteed 100% accuracy. Combined with our efficient turnaround times and cost-effective prices, Synbio Technologies offers a unique and customizable approach toward gene synthesis.
Synbio Technologies’ Gene Synthesis Advantages:

  1. Our Proprietary NGTM Codon Optimization Technology enables the design of higher-yield and higher-performing proteins.
  2. We utilize tested and proven techniques designed to account for complex problems common within gene synthesis such as repeated sequences, hairpin structures, high GC percentage, etc.
  3. Our, patent pending, Assembly Technology ensures the successful synthesis of long sequences up to and including 150kbp.
  4. We offer the industry’s highest quality products with a guarantee of 100% sequence accuracy.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to receive 50% off your gene synthesis when bundling the groundbreaking SnapGene Software and Synbio Technologies services.

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