10% Off Plasmid Preparation Orders

Plasmid Preparation1
Synbio Technologies has recently expanded our lab-space and to celebrate this we are offering 10% off your plasmid preparation services, through May 31st. With this increased lab-space we will offer US based plasmid preparation services to our customers. In the process, we will streamline our procedures and decrease turnaround times. To do this, we rely on tested and proven procedures that are designed to meet all our customer’s requests while following the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Protocol (GMP). It is this procedure that allows us to offer this discounted price without wavering on turnaround time or overall quality. Using these procedures, we have the capabilities to supply our customers with the exact amount of requested plasmid, while many other companies rely on a range of amount delivered.


  • Low Endotoxin Level:
  • Animal-derived materials free, <0.005EU/µg, on request

  • GMP-Like Manufacturing Pipeline:
  • Complete and detailed manufacturing process and documentation

  • Strict Quality Control:
  • ISO9001/2015 quality management

  • USA Based Services:
  • Efficient procedure and fast turnaround times

Service Procedure:
Plasmid Preparation
Service Specifications:

Research GradApplication Grad
Endotoxin LevelNA<0.005EU/μg
Quantity0.1 mg to gram level1 mg to gram level
Turnaround TimeStarting at 3 business daysStarting at 7 business days
Quality Control MethodsBasic quality control tests
  • Basic quality control tests
  • Sterility assurance
  • Restriction enzyme analysis
  • Sequence verification
Recommended Applications
  • Standard DNA manipulations including gene cloning, PCR template, DNA marker, DNA library.
  • Transient protein expression and small amount protein expression
  • DNA storage
  • Genome editing tools
  • Large scale genome research with use of plasmid libraries
  • Transfection in vitro or in vivo
  • Large amount protein expression
  • Viral Packaging
  • Cells therapeutic material
  • Pre-clinical trials in gene therapy or vaccination
  • Long-term DNA storage
Standard Delivery Package ContainsPrepared plasmid DNA, Certificate of analysis (COA) and QC report

So, don’t wait and let Synbio Technologies take care of your plasmid preparation services. Additionally, Synbio Technologies offers services upstream of plasmid preparation and subcloning for both commercial and custom vectors. Combined, these services allow Synbio Technologies a unique opportunity to use a tailor-made approach for all our customers’ requests. To take advantage of this unique offer of 10% off your plasmid preparation order, find the contact information below.

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