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Protein expression is a critical part of many biological research pipelines, making it highly sought out. In order to comply with this demand, Synbio Technologies is currently offering a 20% discount on each protein expression order. This promotion will be offered until September 30, 2017. With our NGTM Codon Optimization Technology we can supply our customers with the highest quality protein with even higher expression levels. With the protein expression promotion Synbio Technologies is ready to offer our customers with an affordable approach toward all of their protein expression needs.

Promo code: 0pbsul. If you submit the gene/protein sequence through our online quotation system, please enter the promo code at “Step 2: Verify” to acquire the 20% discount.

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NGTM Codon Optimization Case Study:

Displayed below is a case study in which we put our NGTM Codon Optimization Technology to the test. The Y and X axis represent relative usage frequency of codons and genetic codons, respectively. What this technology aims to achieve is to simplify the secondary mRNA structure by utilizing common codons as opposed to rare codons. This was seen in the codon usage (red lines) was rather dispersed compared with the optimized one (green lines). This technology results in a simplified secondary mRNA structure that will then have a higher expression rate, increasing the overall quality of the protein.

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NGTM Codon optimization technology improves the level of protein expression. For a more detailed description of this technology, please visit our webpage.

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