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Synbio Technologies provides a one-stop location for gene function screening services based on the CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA library system. With our proprietary Syno®3.0 DNA synthesis platform, we can construct a sgRNA library in a quick and efficient manner. We can also package the library into a lentivirus, transfect cells, perform high throughput/content screening, as well as identify the target genes through sequencing and data analysis.

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Service Advantages:

  • Proprietary Syno®3.0 DNA synthesis platform: quick and efficient sgRNA library construction
  • Lentivirus transfection system: improves the efficiency of sgRNA transfection
  • Multiple screening platform: including cell survival control, immunostaining, flow cytometry and other screening methods
  • One-stop solution: customized services ranging from sgRNA library design, synthesis, and lentivirus packaging, to high throughput/content screening.

Example of Delivered sgRNA Library:

gene synthesis promotion


  • Library Covering Multiple >20X; Library Capacity >106~107; Library Correct Rate >65%~85%; NGS Verifies Library Covering Multiple >99.9%.
  • With our proprietary Syno®3.0 DNA synthesis platform, Synbio Technologies has successfully delivered many different sgRNA libraries with capacity larger than 106, with a correct rate of over 70%.

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