Synbio Technologies became the 1st selected vendor of SnapGene Design with SnapGene, Construct with Synbio Technologies

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Synbio Technologies and GSL Biotech have finalized a non-exclusive agreement allowing customers of GSL Biotech’s “SnapGene” software to order constructs directly from Synbio Technologies after having designed them in SnapGene. With this agreement we are excited to announce that Synbio Technologies will be the first selected vendor of SnapGene . The combination of SnapGene’s synthetic biology interface and Synbio Technologies’ Syno® DNA Synthesis Platform will be a powerful tool for streamlining synthetic biology procedures in labs all over the world.

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Synbio Technologies’ Gene Synthesis Advantages:

  • Our professional team averages over ten years of hands-on experience with all aspects of gene synthesis.
  • Our Proprietary NGTM Codon Optimization Technology enables the design of higher-yield and higher-performing proteins.
  • We utilize tested and proven techniques designed to account for complex problems common within gene synthesis such as repeated sequences, hairpin structures, high GC percentage, etc.
  • Our, patent pending, Assembly Technology ensures the successful synthesis of long sequences up to and including 150kbp.
  • We offer the industry’s highest quality products with a guarantee of 100% sequence accuracy.

Ongoing Promotions:

20% OFF for Syno®2.0 Gene Synthesis, Synthetic DNA Libraries, CRISPR Cas9 services, and Protein Expression and Purification order.

  • How to Access this Promotion:
    1. Submit your order request through our online quotation system.
    2. Enter the promotional code: kd3yfo at “Step 2: Verify”.

  • This promotion is valid through January 31st, 2018.