Limited Time Offer—Free subcloning bundled with gene synthesis


Are you experiencing difficulties in obtaining a cDNA clone or cloning a gene into a vector? Synbio Technologies’ Syno®DNA synthesis platforms can efficiently and accurately solve your problems. We are now offering a promotion that provides free subcloning bundled with gene synthesis order, through October 31st, 2017. To get started, simply submit your gene synthesis order through our online quotation system, and enter the promo code:0nsnhx at “Step 2: Verify” to acquire the FREE subcloning service.


  • Proprietary NGTMCodon Optimization Technology which enables the design of higher-yield and better-performing proteins.
  • Effective techniques that can deal with complex problems commonly associated with gene synthesis such as repeated sequences, hairpin structures, high GC percentage, etc.
  • Our patent pending assembly technology ensures the delivery of large genes up to 200 kbp in length.
  • Professional cloning protocol, capable of cloning any genetic sequence into any site of any vector.
  • Guaranteed to be the highest industry quality standard with 100% sequence accuracy.

Price and delivery time

ServiceTAT (Business days)Price*
Gene Synthesis < 1.5kb7-9$0.19/bp
Gene Synthesis 1.5-3 kb10-15$0.21/bp
Gene Synthesis 3-6 kb20-25$0.35/bp
Gene Synthesis > 6kbQuoteQuote
PROMO Subcloning0

* This promotion is ONLY applicable to genes less than 5 kb and vectors less than 10 kb. For larger genes and/or vectors, please contact for a quote.

Synbio Technologies Co. Ltd. reserves the sole and final right of interpretation for the promotion.