CRISPR Amplicon Sequencing

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    CRISPR Amplicon Sequencing
    After the fragments encoding Cas9 and sgRNA are transfected into cells through plasmids or other means, Cas9 cuts the target genome at a specific site, causing DNA double-strand break (DSB), which is joined through nonhomologous end joining (NHEJ) or homologous recombination (HR), inserts or deletes (indel) of DNA, or relies on a homologous template containing specific mutations for targeted modification of the target site. Synbio Technologies uses amplicon sequencing to test the results of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, as well as to analyze off-target effects, which helps researchers quickly locate gene mutation sites and study gene functions.crispr-amplicon-sequencing-0928
    CRISPR Amplicon Sequencing

    Competitive Advantages

    • High Coverage: Each reaction can perform multiplex analysis of hundreds to thousands of amplicons.
    • High Flexibility: It can be used for all kinds of mutation verification and screening genetic variation.
    • Highly Customized: Analysis services can be customized.
    • Cost-effective: Compared with whole-genome sequencing, it can reduce sequencing cost and turnaround time.

    CRISPR Amplicon Sequencing Process


    Service Specification

    Amplicon SizePlatform ConfigurationPriceTurnaround TimeDeliverables
    70-280 bpIllumina 2×150 bpQuote3-4 weeks
    • Sequencing chromatogram
    • Data analysis report
    280-480 bpIllumina 2×250 bp4-5 weeks
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