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    ssDNA(single-stranded DNA) is usually used as a homologous recombination repair (homology directed repair, HDR) template to achieve site-specific repair and long fragment knock-in in gene editing. Synbio Technologies provides 100% correct sequence and high purity long ssDNA synthesis service.


    Knock-in Gene Editing

    Competitive Advantages

    • Sequence Guarantee: Sanger sequencing ensure 100% sequence accuracy.
    • Non-toxic: The enzymatic approach ensures that ssDNA is non-toxic and has higher homology repair and knock-in efficiency.
    • Highly Customized: No length limitation for ssDNA synthesis.

    Service Specification

    Gene LengthPriceTurnaround Times
    (Business Days)
    150-1,000 bpStarting from $40010-15 days
    • ≥3 µg lyophilized ssDNA
    • Sequencing chromatogram
    • Certificate of analysis (COA)
    1,001-2,000 bp15-20 days

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    Case Studies

    Synbio Technologies successfully constructed ssDNA fragments through biological methods.


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