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  1. 20% OFF on Peptide Synthesis

    Synbio Technologies provides comprehensive peptide synthesis services (research and cGMP level) to meet a variety of customer needs, including custom peptide synthesis, peptide library and peptide modification services. Our custom peptides and peptide libraries are available with flexible modification, conjugation, and isotopic labeling options. Up to date, our success rate of peptide synthesis has achieved more than 98%. Come on, place an order and enjoy a 20% OFF on peptide synthesis.

  2. Save on Hybridoma Sequencing

    Synbio Technologies provides fast and professional V-region cloning and sequencing services for your valuable hybridoma or monoclonal antibodies. We are now offering the 30% OFF on Hybridoma Sequencing. We promise 100% sequence accuracy or no fee.

  3. 20% OFF on Express and Guaranteed Plasmid Preparation

    Synbio Technologies provides comprehensive plasmid DNA preparation (from Mini-to-Giga scale) services in a short time. All plasmids we manufactured are free of animal-derived materials and can contain low levels of endotoxin (on request). We are offering our US based express and guaranteed plasmid preparation service to maximize time-saving without sacrificing overall quality. You can enjoy 20% OFF on your order for express and guaranteed plasmid preparation.