20% OFF on Express and Guaranteed Plasmid Preparation


Synbio Technologies provides comprehensive plasmid DNA preparation (from Mini-to-Giga scale) services in a short time. All plasmids we manufactured are free of animal-derived materials and can contain low levels of endotoxin (on request). We are offering our US based express and guaranteed plasmid preparation service to maximize time-saving without sacrificing overall quality. You can enjoy 20% OFF on your order for express and guaranteed plasmid preparation.

Why Us?

  • Express Plasmid Preparation: US based manufacturing allows fast delivery.
  • Guaranteed Delivery: Guaranteed quality, quantity, speed, and copy number of plasmids.
  • Highly Customized: Microgram-to-gram-scale quantity and optional endotoxin level.
  • Multiple Endotoxin Level Option: <0.1 EU/μg, <1.0 EU/μg, <9.3 EU/μg.
  • Highly Strict Manufacturing Standard: ISO9001 & ISO13485 quality management.

Promotion Details

  • Time
  • Jan 1st, 2020 – Mar 31st, 2020

  • Service Specifications
  • Endo Free* DNA Prep
    (Low Copy) Guarantee
    Endo Free* DNA Prep
    (High Copy) Guarantee
    Price ($)TAT (Days)
    100 ug200 ug80 644-6 2-4
    0.5 mg1 mg160 1284-6 2-4
    4 mg10 mg610 4885-7 3-5
    40 mg100 mg4,500 3,6006-10 4-8
    200 mg500 mg12,000 9,6007-12 5-10

    * Optional endotoxin level: <0.1 EU/μg, <1.0 EU/μg, <9.3 EU/μg .

Please Note:

  1. Sanger sequencing is available per request, and Sanger data will be delivered separately. Additional shipping and handling fee for expedited delivery.
  2. If you wish to provide the plasmid template, you will need to prepare over 100ng DNA sample (diluted with ddH2O or TE buffer), colonies (fresh) or bacteria stored in glycerol.
  3. For more information, please see Express and Guaranteed Plasmid Preparation, or inquiry us at quote@synbio-tech.com.