Frequently Asked Questions

GPS Platform

1.What is the “GPS” platform?

2. Can GPS platform accelerate my research work?

Gene Synthesis

1.What is gene synthesis?

2.What are the differences between gene synthesis and traditional molecular cloning?

3.Why should I choose Synbio Technologies?

4.What are the advantages of Synbio Technologies?

5.What lengths of DNA can you synthesize?

6.Can you synthesize sequences with high GC content or repeats?

7.How fast can you synthesize a gene?

8.Can you optimize the genes? How does the codon optimization help to my project?

9.What type of vector is the DNA cloned into?

10.How do you QC the product?

11.What is the standard delivery package?


1.What subcloning services does Synbio Technologies have to offer?

2.Why should I choose Synbio Technologies?

3.What materials and information do I need to submit?

4.What will you receive from subcloning service in Synbio Technologies?

How to order (CLICK HERE for Step-by-Step Online Ordering System Walkthroughs)

1.How can I get a quote and place an order?

2.When can I receive your feedback?

3.I have registered, but I never received an activation email. Who can I contact to activate my account?

4.I have registered and received an activation link, but the Order System website still requires me to activate my account. What should be done?

5.How can I upload more than five (5) sequences? Do you have batch import tools?

6.What is a PO number?

7.I don’t have a credit card, do I need to use a credit card to purchase services from Synbio Technologies?

8.Will drafts generated in my account automatically send quote requests?

9.What browser requirements are needed to use the Order System website?

10.Can I transfer items from an old account to a new account through the Order System website?