Gene Synthesis

With our professional research team and effective systems in place, Synbio Technologies provides our customers a simple one-stop shop that satisfies all their DNA manufacturing needs. We have developed the most comprehensive platforms of oligo synthesis, gene synthesis (fragment and clonal genes) and next-generation high-throughput gene synthesis to meet our customers’ needs in quality, speed, budget, and applications. We routinely synthesize over 3 million base pairs of gene sequences each month for a wide range of applications including protein production, antibody discovery, genetically engineered vaccine, molecular breeding, biofuel and many more.

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Industry’s most competitive rate, FREE to subclone into most commercial vectors, FREE to deposit your vector for future use, effectively 15-40% savings per gene.

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A combined 100+ years of experience from our scientific leaders in DNA synthesis. Experience with challenging sequences and genes for various applications.

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Over 250 scientific staff in our state of the art facilities certified with the highest manufacturing standards (ISO9001 & ISO13485). Routinely deliver 3 Mbp/month.

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Gene Synthesis Service Specifications

Below is the price table for standard gene synthesis services. The turnaround time only applies to the non-complex sequences. The genes will be cloned into our default pUC57-Amp or pUC57-Kan vectors with multiple cloning sites. We can also clone the genes into customers’ supplied vectors upon request.

Gene LengthPriceTurnaround Time
(business days)
Optional ServicesDeliverables
<250 bp$505-10
  • Free codon optimization
  • Free vector deposit
  • 2~5 µg lyophilized plasmid DNA
  • Sequencing chromatogram
  • Certificate of analysis (COA)
250-1,500 bp$0.20/bp5-10
1,501-3,000 bp$0.21/bp10-15
3,001-4,500 bpQuote15-20
4,501-6,000 bpQuote20-25
>6,000 bpQuoteQuote

* We offer bulk discount for gene synthesis services. Please contact for additional information.

Standard Gene Synthesis Process

According to the DNA or amino acid sequences customers provided, our scientists will design the oligos and the procedure of fragment assembly and cloning within 30 minutes. By using our automated system that guarantees efficient and error-free synthesis, our customers will be provided with the highest quality output. Sanger sequencing will be conducted to verify 100% sequence accuracy. 


Add-on Services


Streamlined process. Ability to clone any requested genetic sequence into any site of any vector.


Base deletion, insertion, site-directed mutagenesis and arbitrary editing.

Plasmid Preparation

High quality plasmids from milligram to gram scale.

Protein Expression and Purification

Guaranteed 3 mg protein of 85% purity with our Syno®Guaranteed Protein Package in E. coli expression system

Other DNA Synthesis Platforms

NGTM Codon Optimization

Patented codon optimization technology that improves the protein expression level in most host cells

Next Generation Gene Synthesis

High throughput and most cost-effective: starting at $0.09/bp for synthesis.

Synthetic DNA Libraries

All types of mutant/variant libraries with diversity of up to 1014 confirmed by sequencing analysis. Flexible deliverables upon request.

Vector Construction

shRNA, TALEN, CRISPR-Cas9 construction and validation.

Small Genome Synthesis & Assembly

Synthesis and assembly of gene cluster and small genome. Guaranteed 100% sequence accuracy.

Pathway Synthesis & Assembly

Proprietary metabolic pathway design platform, Syno® Assembly Technology ensures long sequence synthesis up to 150 Kb.

Case Studies

Typically the genes with high GC content, hairpin structure and repetitive sequences present great challenges to standard gene synthesis process. Synbio Technologies’ new NGTM Codon system (patent pending) provides a robust and sophisticated algorithm to solve those challenges and enable successful synthesis of even the most complex sequences as demonstrated by the case studies below.

i. A gene with high GC content and repeats career_open

ii. A gene with low GC content (AT rich) and palindromic repeatscareer_open

iii. Large yeast genome DNA assemblycareer_open