HTP Antibody Gene Synthesis

Antibody engineering research relies on antibody protein expression. The optimization of antibody sequences and vector construction affect whether the protein can be expressed efficiently. The construction of the expression vector is a very important basis for recombinant antibody proteins. Synbio Technologies‘s self-developed NG™ codon optimization technology and Syno® gene technologies can synthesize antibody heavy chain/light chain sequences and clone them into Synbio Technologies’s ready-to-use or customized vector for free, ensuring high-efficiency expression and assisting antibody engineering research.


Competitive Advantages

  • One-Stop Service: Synbio Technologies provides one-stop solutions from gene synthesis, plasmid preparation, to recombinant antibody.
  • Sequence Guaranteed: Sanger sequencing ensures 100% sequence accuracy.
  • NGTM Codon Optimization: Significantly increase expression level in most host cells.
  • Free Vector Construction: Synbio Technologies can provide a series of vectors or customers can provide their own preferred construction vectors.
  • Highly Customized: Gene synthesis of multiple types of antibodies: anti-viral monoclonal antibodies, bispecific recombinant antibodies, human monoclonal antibodies engineered with anti-cancer Fc, etc.

Antibody Gene Synthesis Process


* Synbio Technologies also provides above one-stop services from hybridoma sequencing to recombinant antibody.

Service Specifications

Gene LengthPrice Turnaround Time
(business days)
Additional ValueDeliverables
(Heavy and light chain variable region sequences)
$99/ construct
(bulk price available)
  • Free codon optimization
  • Free in-house vectors with pre-synthesized constant regions for cloning and expression
  • Free custom vector deposit
  • Free sequence verification
  • Antibody expression service available at different scales
  • Antibody gene fragment synthesis available, starting at $27 per gene fragment
  • 100 μg endo-free plasmid
  • Sequence verification result
  • Certificate of analysis

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Vector Types

Human Antibody Expression Vectors career_open

Mouse Antibody Expression Vectorscareer_open

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