Save on Hybridoma Sequencing


Synbio Technologies provides fast and professional V-region cloning and sequencing services for your valuable hybridoma or monoclonal antibodies. We are now offering the 30% OFF on Hybridoma Sequencing. We promise 100% sequence accuracy or no fee.

Promotion Details

Time: 1/1/2020-3/31/2020

Service Specification

Service*Turnaround TimePriceDeliverable
Standard Hybridoma/ mAb Sequencing10-15 business daysWas $800, Now $560
  • Final sequence report with CDR annotated
  • Plasmid contain antibody coding sequence (upon your request)
Express Hybridoma/ mAb Sequencing7 business daysInquiry

*For V region sequencing services: customers will need to provide hybridoma cell samples (>1×106 cells) and indicate the subtype of the monoclonal antibody.

Service Advantages

  • RACE Technology: Complete sequence information of antibody variable region
  • Custom Primer Sets & Reagents: Optimal success rate
  • Extensive Experience: Thousands of successful cases
  • Multiple Species Capabilities: Human, mouse, rat, rabbit mAbs
  • Advanced Bioinformatics Analysis: Guaranteed 100% sequence accuracy
  • Short Turnaround Times: As fast as 7 business days for variable domain sequencing
  • Full Traceability: Consistency between batches

Why do you need Antibody Sequencing?

  • IP Protection: Patent the sequences of your unique variable domains
  • Engineering: Accelerate antibody function optimization, i.e humanization, affinity maturation
  • Security: Avoid problems like gene mutation, gene degradation and gene loss
  • Flexibility: Convert antibodies to any species, isotype or format

Please contact to quote for your hybridoma sequencing project.