Mammalian Cell Expression Vectors

The transfection of plasmids into mammalian cells directly incorporates genetic material into the genome to form a stable transfection. Stable transfection is used to create cell populations that will continue to express the genetic characteristics of the foreign material and then pass it on to the offspring. In order to achieve stable transfection, there should be selective pressure to force cells to integrate plasmid DNA into the genome.
Reporter genes are usually used to easily monitor the transfection efficiency and expression levels in cells. Synbio Technologies provides a variety of reporter gene expression vectors to meet the screening needs of different cell lines and efficiently screen expression according to cell-specific screening conditions.


Fluorescent Proteins, Promoters, and Selectable Markers Selection

Different promoters have different activation activities in different cells. For example, in hematopoietic stem cells, SFFV has much better activation activity than CMV. There are also differences in tissue-specific expression. AAT is highly expressed in liver tissues and weakly expressed in other tissues. hSyn is highly expressed in nerve cells and weakly expressed in other tissues. Synbio Technologies provide a variety of fluorescent proteins, promoters, and mammalian expression vectors with selectable markers to meet the needs of cell-specific screening.


Schematic diagram of mammalian cell expression vector

Selectable markers in mammalian cells work similarly to that in bacteria.
A table of the most commonly used selectable markers are listed below:
NameGene Conferring ResistanceCell TypesMode of Action
BlasticidinbsdHEK293, CHO, HeLa, COS-1NIH3T3Inhibits termination step of translation
G418/GeneticinneoHEK293, CHO,HeLa, NIH3T3, Jurkat T cellsBlocks polypeptide synthesis at 80S; inhibits chain elongation
Hygromycin BhygBCHO, HeLa, NIH3T3, Jurkat T cellsBlocks polypeptide synthesis at 80S; inhibits chain elongation
PuromycinpacHEK293, HeLa, Jurkat T cellsInhibits protein synthesis; premature chain termination
ZeocinShblaHEK293, CHO, HeLa, NIH3T3, COS-1, Jurkat T cellsComplexes with DNA; causes strand scissions
The promoters of mammalian expression vectors also have different applicable objects.
The most commonly used promoters are listed below:
PromoterPrimarily used forRNA transcriptDescription
CMVGeneral expressionmRNAStrong mammalian expression promoter from the human cytomegalovirus
EF1aGeneral expressionmRNAStrong mammalian expression from human elongation factor 1 alpha
SV40General expressionmRNAMammalian expression promoter from the simian vacuolating virus 40
PGK1 (human or mouse)General expressionmRNAMammalian promoter from the phosphoglycerate kinase gene
UbcGeneral expressionmRNAMammalian promoter from the human ubiquitin C gene
Human beta actinGeneral expressionmRNAMammalian promoter from the beta actin gene
CAGGeneral expressionmRNAStrong hybrid mammalian promoter
TREGeneral expressionmRNATetracycline response element promoter
UASGeneral expressionmRNADrosophila promoter containing Gal4 binding sites
CaMKIIaGene expression for optogeneticsmRNACa2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II promoter
H1small RNA expressionshRNAFrom the human polymerase III RNA promoter
U6small RNA expressionshRNAFrom the human U6 small nuclear promoter

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