PCR Cloning & Subcloning

PCR cloning and subcloning are two main approaches to amplifying DNA sequences. Synbio Technologies is confident in our ability to clone any target gene into any requested site of any vector system on the basis of our, patent pending, Syno®Platform. The combination of the DNA synthesis tool and the cloning technology allows us to insert the requested genetic sequence into any customer specific vector for cloning.

During PCR cloning, Synbio Technologies offers sequence optimizations before introducing target gene materials into selected vectors. This sequence optimization allows us to verify the sequence in one hundred percent accurate to the customer’s request before amplification. According to the model clone and sequence from customers, we will design the necessary primers, clone the PCR product of interest into new vector, and finally verify it by Sanger sequencing. This allows us to tailor-make a system to supply our customers with the exact specifications necessary to fit their particular research interest.

Subcloning, another popular process of DNA amplification, utilizes the transformation of the template sequences from one vector to another vector with the same restriction enzyme sites. Synbio Technologies is ready to provide our customers with high quality output and cost effective and efficiency benefits through use of subcloning.

Synbio Technologies offers a wide spectrum of genetic technologies and a one-stop service ranging from gene synthesis to cloning constructs of interest. Our experienced and exceptional solutions can built any target gene fragments at any site of any require vectors. There is no project out of Synbio Technologies’ ability.

Competitive Advantages

  • 100% Sequence Accuracy : We will quickly and accurately synthesize your requested sequence. The generated sequence will then be verified by Sanger sequencing to guarantee 100% sequence accuracy.
  • Customizable Subcloning : Guarantee successful clone at any site in any vector system, both commercial and custom, of interest with special amplified primer design.
  • Professional Technical Team : Synbio Technologies’ professional technical support offers you proactive communications on your project processing status.

Services Specifications

Service TypeFragment LengthTurnaround Time (Business Days)Price
PCR Cloning & Subcloning<1kb 1-2kb5-10Quote

*Note: The turnaround time applies to non-complex sequences. Please contact quote@synbio-tech.com to quote for the complex sequences.

  • DNA sequence:
    If the sequence has not been verified primarily, Synbio Technologies will provide sequence validation through Sanger sequencing to optimize the resulting output. (Additional fees will be charged.)
  • Vector:
    1. Commercial vectors are preferred.
    2. For specific vectors constructed by the customer, full length sequence is needed. If there is no sequence information, we will conduct sequence validation through use of Sanger Sequence as necessary. (Additional fees will be charged.)
  • If rare restriction endonucleases or special molecular biological reagents are required to use in the experiment, customers may provide these reagents.
    1. Synbio Technologies can purchase them for you. (Additional fees will be charged.)
    2. All purchased reagents will be returned to customers after the delivery.


Synbio Technologies’ standard package includes:

  • Lyophilized plasmid DNA (2~5 µg)
  • Sequencing chromatogram
  • Certificate of analysis (COA)

PCR Cloning & Subcloning Related services

Gene synthesis

De novo synthesize the error-free gene sequences on the basis of our proprietary synthesis platform.

Plasmid preparation

High efficiency plasmid extraction can result in research-level or preclinical level plasmid prep to meet multiple demands.

Vector construction

Based on our gene synthesis and next generation DNA synthesis platforms, Synbio Technologies will deliver any synthetic vector you request with high accuracy and at an economical price.

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