Express and Guaranteed Plasmid Preparation

Synbio Technologies provides superior and comprehensive plasmid DNA preparation services to our customers from research institutes, biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. Based on our robust molecular biology platform, expanded lab-space and refined manufacturing pipeline, we are offering our US based Express and Guaranteed Plasmid Preparation service. This promotion is designed to maximize time-saving for customers without sacrificing overall quality of final plasmid products. Strict quality control is in place to assure quality, increase stability and reduce batch difference to satisfy all requests. These plasmid products can then be used to facilitate your various applications such as transfection, antibody development, vaccine production and gene-therapy research, etc.

Competitive Advantages

  • Optional Endotoxin Level, Guaranteed Delivery Amount
  • Fast 2-3 Days Service
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Excellent Plasmid DNA Integrity
  • Comprehensive Downstream Application Services

Service Procedure


Service Specification

Endo Free* DNA Prep
(Low Copy) Guarantee
Endo Free* DNA Prep
(High Copy) Guarantee
Price ($)TAT (days)
100 ug200 ug454-6 2-4
0.5 mg1 mgquote4-6 2-4
4 mg10 mgquote5-7 3-5
40 mg100 mgquote6-10 4-8
200 mg500 mgquote7-12 5-10

* Optional endotoxin level: <0.1 EU/μg, <1.0 EU/μg, <9.3 EU/μg.

Please Note:
1. Sanger sequencing is available per request, and Sanger data will be delivered separately. Additional shipping and handling fee for expedited delivery.
2. If you wish to provide the plasmid template, you will need to prepare over 100 ng DNA sample (diluted with ddH2O or TE buffer), colonies (fresh) or bacteria stored in glycerol.
3. For more information, please inquiry us at