Next Generation Gene Synthesis

Synthetic biology derives from a long-envisioned goal of creating, controlling, and programming intricate biological systems. By leveraging precise electrochemical technology, massive on-chip parallel synthesis, and off-chip UltraTM Assembly technology, the next-generation DNA synthesis platform enables synthesizing of over 500,000 nucleobases and building DNA strands as long as 30,000bp on a single chip with one synthetic circle.

The proprietary UltraTM Assembly technology developed at Synbio Technologies has overcome several limitations in synthesizing large and complex DNA constructs such as gene clusters, pathways, and genomes. Synbio Technologies has manufactured and supplied more than 1 hundred base pairs of 10Kb-long synthetic DNA strands for Synthetic Yeast 2.0 (Sc 2.0) Project in an efficient and low-cost manner. The next generation DNA synthesis platform has successfully assembled 1Kb-long synthetic DNA strands for metabolic and synthetic biology research.

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Services Specifications

ProductServiceGene LengthTurnaround Time
(Business Days)
Next Generation Gene SynthesisCodon optimization (optional)
Gene synthesis
Fragment assembly
<200 Kb20-30 daysInquiry
Next Generation Gene SynthesisCodon optimization (optional)
Gene synthesis
Fragment assembly
>200 KbInquiryInquiry



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Gene Editing


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