Oligo Libraries

Synbio Technologies uses high-throughput semiconductor chip synthesis technology to provide customers with the design and synthesis of various library oligos, including oligo pools, trimer oligos, and sgRNA library oligos. Each chip can synthesize up to nearly one million oligos, which can reduce the research and production time and greatly reduce the cost. These oligos are widely used in NGS capture probe libraries, mutant libraries, CRISPR sgRNA libraries, etc.

Competitive Advantages

  • High Throughput: Up to 1 million oligos per chip.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Delivery time as fast as one week.
  • Cost-Effective: Competitive prices and affordable services.
  • Technical Support: Professional experts provide professional technical support.

Service Specifications

Conventional approaches to synthesizing hundreds of thousands of oligos at a time are ineffective and time consuming. Synbio Technologies’s Next Generation DNA Synthesis Platform offers a revolutionary approach towards large-scale gene synthesis with fast turnaround times and low overall cost. Up to 1 million oligos can be in parallel synthesis on a single chip within one synthetic circle. Synbio Technologies focuses on commercialization efforts to manufacture DNA oligo pools to satisfy customers’ research needs.

Competitive Advantages
  • High throughput: Up to 1 million oligos per chip.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Delivery time as fast as one week.
  • Competitive Pricing: Industry leading pricing.

Service Specifications
Length/nt<10,000 Oligos10,000-23,232 Oligos23,233-46,465 Oligos46,465-92,928 Oligos>92,929 Oligos
<1202-3 Weeks3-4 Weeks3-4 Weeks3-4 Weeks3-4 Weeks
120-1503-4 Weeks3-4 Weeks3-4 Weeks3-4 WeeksInquire
150-2004-5 Weeks3-4 Weeks4-5 Weeks4-5 WeeksInquire

With synthesized oligo pools, our customers can then streamline the various downstream applications within their research. These downstream applications include:
  • Generate native DNA sequences
  • Create de novo DNA sequences
  • Build genes, chassis, operons, pathways, and genomes
  • Build DNA variant libraries
  • Improve the features of a protein
  • Test all orthologs of a gene
  • Optimize any antibody through affinity maturation

The synthesis of trimer libraries can be used to synthetically engineer proteins as well as achieve directed evolution. Trimer libraries can better control random mutations as well as reduce frameshift mutation which can lead to pre-termination. The basic principle is to introduce 20 amino acids into the specific sites of proteins by the chemically synthesized trimer oligos. Synbio Technologies provides trimer oligos to accurately control the type and proportion of amino acids in mutation sites, reduce unnecessary and redundant mutations, and rapidly and efficiently produce required proteins.

Competitive Advantages
  • Control codon preferences and the proportion of each mutation site.
  • Avoid introducing termination codon.
  • High synthesis efficiency and accuracy.
  • Highly customized to meet customers’ requirements.
Case Studies

Synbio Technologies delivers highly customized trimer libraries with amino acid types and proportions that meet customer requirements.
Take the sequence below as an example, the X represents the codon position where the mutation is required.
X1 Trimer=A(80%):G(3%):R(3%):S(3%):T(8%):V(3%)

Table 1 The ratio of the synthesized amino acids with the actual requirements (Only partial amino acids are shown)
Site (%)X1X 2X 3X 4……
Amino Acid AbbreviationTarget ValueActual ValueTarget ValueActual ValueTarget ValueActual ValueTarget ValueActual Value……

Table 2. The actual standard deviation of trimer oligos provided by Synbio Technologies
The Requested Frequency(%)The Actual Standard Deviation(%)

*The deviation between the actual proportion of trimer oligos delivered by Synbio Technologies and the proportion required by customers is small, which proves that the quality of trimer oligos delivered is high.

Synbio Technologies provides one-stop gene function screening services based on the CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA library system. With our proprietary Syno® 3.0 DNA synthesis platform, we can design and synthesize high quality sgRNA library oligos in a fast and efficient manner to meet the needs of customers for sgRNA library construction.

Competitive Advantages
  • Proprietary DNA synthesis platform.
  • High throughput synthesis, up to 1 million oligos per chip.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certifications.
  • Professional technical support provided throughout the entire production progress.
Service Specifications
Service TypesTurnaround Time
(Business Days)
CRISPR-Cas9 based oligo design1-3
  • Lyophilized dry DNA oligo pool powder
  • COA file
CRISPR-Cas9 based oligo synthesisInquire