20% OFF on Peptide Synthesis


Synbio Technologies provides comprehensive peptide synthesis services (research and cGMP level) to meet a variety of customer needs, including custom peptide synthesis, peptide library and peptide modification services. Our custom peptides and peptide libraries are available with flexible modification, conjugation, and isotopic labeling options. Up to date, our success rate of peptide synthesis has achieved more than 98%. Come on, place an order and enjoy a 20% OFF on peptide synthesis.

Competitive Advantages

  • High success rate: >98%.
  • Guaranteed services: Quantity, quality and purity of peptide products.
  • Fast delivery: 2-3 weeks, 1-2 weeks for urgent.
  • High quality products: Complete MS, HPLC reports and certificate of analysis.
  • Strict confidentiality: One-to-one confidentiality agreement.

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