Genetic Engineering Vaccine

Genetic engineering vaccine

By using synthetic biology technology, gene fragments of the protective antigen encoding of the pathogen are cloned into expression vector. After that, the expression vector is transformed or transfected into bacteria, yeast, or mammalian cells. Then, the vaccine is obtained after expression and purification. Genetic engineering vaccine is genetic deletion vaccine since virulence related genes of the pathogen have been removed.

Through the application of synthetic biology technology, it can design and produce subunit vaccines without infectious substances, stable attenuated vaccines and polyvaccine for the prevention of various diseases. For example, insert the gene of encoding hepatitis B surface antigen into the yeast genome to generate recombinant hepatitis B vaccine; insert the hepatitis B virus surface antigen, influenza virus hemagglutinin as well as herpes simplex virus gene into the bovine vaccine genome to generate polyvaccine, etc..


  • design and construction of the antigen Library
  • expression and purification of antigen protein
  • screening and identification of targets


Contrasting to traditional vaccines, genetic engineering vaccines are:

  • Safe and reliable
  • of higher purity and lower price
  • with fast productive process and large-scale production

Delivery forms

  • 10 μg lyophilized plasmid
  • 3-5 mg purified protein
  • COA files and product testing report

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