Protein Expression

With our experienced research team and leading protein expression platform, Synbio Technologies provides our customers a variety of protein expression and purification platforms, including bacterial, yeast, insect and mammalian expression systems. Depending on our powerful gene synthesis platform, Synbio Technologies can generate high purity recombinant proteins ranging from milligrams to grams. Combined with our patented NGTM Codon Optimization Technology, the protein expression level can be significantly improved. Simply submit your gene or protein sequence and high-quality purified recombinant protein will arrive to your bench in as soon as 3 weeks.

Competitive Advantages

  • NGTM Codon Optimization Technology: Increase the protein expression level in most host cells.
  • Comprehensive Expression Systems: Bacteria, yeast, baculovirus/insect cell and mammalian cell plus various vectors for each system.
  • Fast Turnaround: As short as 3 weeks.
  • One-stop Services: Streamlined process from gene synthesis and codon optimization to protein expression and purification.

Service Procedure


Expression Systems