Protein Expression and Purification

Depending on our powerful gene synthesis platform, Synbio Technologies can generate high purity recombinant proteins ranging from milligrams to grams. Combined with our patented NGTM Codon Optimization Technology, the protein expression level can be significantly improved. Simply submit your gene or protein sequence and high-quality purified recombinant protein will arrive to your bench in as soon as 6 weeks.

Why us?


Free NGTM codon optimization and US based manufacturing guarantee to deliver at least 3 mg purified recombinant protein for bacterial expression system.


We provide flexible services: Syno® expression vector series, comprehensive purification methods, various refolding strategies.

Service Specifications

 Turnaround TimeExpression LevelProtein RefoldingScalablePost Translational ModificationGuarantee
Bacterial6-8 Weeks50%Partial Folding+++NASyno® Guaranteed Package:
  • 3-5mg, >85% purity
  • Only charged if project is successful
Mammalian Cell8-10 weeks>30%Correct Folding++Comprehensive Post Translational ModificationsNA

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