Bacterial Expression

The E.coli as the host cell is typically used for the prokaryotic expression system for several reasons. The cells have advantages such as rapid proliferation, high expression, easy purification, good stability, strong anti-pollution ability, and cost effectiveness.

With years of experience in protein expression, Synbio Technologies has developed a cost-effective bacterial expression platform to deliver high purity proteins to our customers. By using the NGTM Codon Optimization Technology, the expression level in bacterial can significantly improve. We offer the Syno® Guaranteed package, starting with our proprietary codon optimization, followed by gene synthesis, subcloning, all the way through protein expression and purification.

Competitive Advantages

Service Procedure


Service Specifications

ServiceDescriptionDeliverablesTurnaround TimePrice
Protein Expression &PurificationSyno® Guaranteed Package*
  • 1-5 mg protein
  • >85% purity
  • Certificate of analysis
As little as 4 weeksQuote
Pilot Study
  • Expression evaluation report
1-2 weeksStarting from $299
Custom Package*
  • >1mg protein
  • Purified protein
  • Purity level: >80%, >85%, >90%, >95%
  • Certificate of analysis
2-3 weeksStarting from $1,299
Endotoxin RemovalEndotoxin level can reach 0.1EU/μg, upon request
  • Endotoxin testing report
1-2 weeksQuote
Large-scale Protein ProductionFrom milligram to gram level
  • Purified protein
  • Certificate of analysis

*Gene synthesis of up to 1.5 kb is included in the package; longer sequences will be charged extra.
*Exclusions are applicable to membrane proteins, toxic proteins and target protein greater than 100k Da.