CD Antigens

CD Antigens, also known as leukocyte differentiation antigens, refer to the appearance or disappearance of cell surface markers of leukocytes of different lineages within different stages of differentiation, maturation, and activation processes. CD antigens play a role in a variety of ways, such as participating in antigen presentation, mediating cell-cell interactions, influencing cell adhesion and migration, and participating in immune cell proliferation, activation, signal transduction, and other processes. It is closely related to immune response, inflammatory response, hematopoietic regulation, wound healing, tumor genesis, and metastasis, etc.

Partial Products List

Cat #ProteinExpression systemSizePrice ($)
EXH1036Human CD4 with C-hFcExpi2931mg$1,719.84
EXH1037Human CD4 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,785.99
EXH1038Human CD27 with N-His-FlagExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXH1039Human CD38 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1040Human CD54 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXH1041Human CD105 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1042Human CD106 with C-HisExpi2931mg$1,785.99
EXH1043Human CD226 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,785.99
EXH1044Human CD31 with C-HisExpi2931mg$1,719.84
EXH1045Human CD33 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1046Human CD73 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXM1047Mouse CD73 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXM1048Mouse CD8 alpha with C-HisExpi2931mg$3,042.80
EXH1049Human CD66a with C-HisExpi2931mg$1,785.99
EXH1050Human CD66b with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1051Human CD96 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$3,056.03
EXH1052Human CD74 with N-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1053Human CD71 with N-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,984.44
EXH1054Human CD98 with N-HisExpi2931mg$1,984.44
EXH1055Human CD123 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXH1056Human CD127 with C-HisExpi2931mg$1,984.44
EXH1057Human CD138 with C-hFcExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXH1058Human CD89 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,645.91
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