Research on cytokines originated from the research of interferons in the 1950s and research of colony stimulating factors in the 1960s. Due to the rapid development of gene engineering technology, the research on cytokines has made a breakthrough. In the 1980s and 1990s, a large number of cytokines were cloned successively. From the perspective of information transmission, cytokines are an important first messenger molecule in the organism and the product of intracellular gene expression.

In recent years, recombinant cytokines have made remarkable achievements in clinical application as a new type of biological response modulator. For example, interferon alpha, which was first used in the clinic, has been shown to be effective in treating leukemia and viral infections. Currently, the internationally approved production of cytokine drugs also includes EPO, interferon γ, GM-CSF, G-CSF, IL-2, and so on. Cytokines play an important role in regulating human physiological process, improving immunity, and treating diseases. Significant curative effects can be achieved at low doses with few side effects, which makes it a kind of new biological therapy with a broad development prospect.

Partial Products List

Cat #ProteinExpression systemSizePrice ($)
EH1103Human IL-2E.coli1mg$1,058.37
EXH1104Human IL-4 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EH1105Human IL-21E.coli1mg$2,778.21
EH1106Human G-CSFE.coli100ug$923.42
EH1107Human IL-6E.coli1mg$1,852.14
EXH1108Human IL-1 Beta with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$3,968.87
EXH1109Human IL-10 with N-His-AviExpi2931mg$3,968.87
EH1110Human SDF-1E. coli1mg$4,259.92
EXH1111Human IL17A with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EH1112Human IP-10/CXCL10 with C-HisE.coli1mg$2,645.91
EXH1113Human IL12 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$4,630.35
EH1114Human GM-CSFE.coli1mg$2,645.91
EXH1115Human GM-CSFR alpha with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1116Human IL-13 with N-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1117Human IL-5 with N-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,910.51
EXH1118Human IL-5R alpha with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1119Human IL-8 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXH1120Human RANKLExpi2931mg$3,307.39
EXH1121Human IL-12 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$4,630.35
EH1122Human IL-15E. coli1mg$3,968.87
EH1123Human IL-7E. coli1mg$5,291.83
EXH1124Human CSF1R/CD115 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,190.66
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