Immune Checkpoint Proteins

In recent years, clinical studies have found that tumor cells are highly expressed by immune checkpoint proteins to reduce the intensity of the body’s innate and adaptive immune response while promoting the “Immune Escape” of tumor cells. Therefore, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that target immune checkpoint proteins have become the latest strategy for cancer treatment. Examples include anti-CTLA-4 antibody (Iplimumab), anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody (Nivolumab, Pembrolizumab), and anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody (Avelumab, Atezolizumab, Durvalumab, etc.).

Synbio Technologies supplies most of the popular immune checkpoint proteins, including CTLA-4, PD-1, PD-L1, CD47, GITR, TIM-3/TIM1, etc.

Partial Products List

Cat #ProteinExpression systemSizePrice ($)
EXH1002Human PD-L1 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1003Human LIGHT with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,645.91
EXH1004Human PD1 with C-hFcExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1005Human PD1 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1006Human ICOS with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXH1007Human CD40 with C-HisExpi2931mg$1,719.84
EXM1008Mouse CD40 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1009Human CD40 Ligand with N-His-FlagExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXM1010Mouse CD40 Ligand with N-hFcExpi2931mg$2,249.03
EXH1011Human CD40 Ligand with N-hFcExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1012Human OX40/CD134 with C-hFcExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1013Human OX40/CD134 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,984.44
EXH1014Human CD47 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,513.62
EXH1015Human CD47 with C-hFcExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1016Human CD80 with C-hFcExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1017Human CTLA-4 with C-HisExpi2931mg$992.22
EXH1018Human TIM-3 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXM1019MouseTIM-3 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1020Human TIGIT with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,579.77
EXH1021Human GITR with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXM1022Mouse GITR with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1023Human SIRP alpha with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1024Human CD86 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,984.44
EXH1025Human 4-1BB with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXH1026Human CD137L with N-hFcExpi2931mg$2,910.51
EXH1027Human VISTA with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXM1028Mouse VISTA with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1029Human BTLA with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,910.51
EXH1030Human ICOSLG with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,455.25
EXH1031Human CD155 with C-hFcExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1032Human CD155 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1033Human PD-L2 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,918.29
EXH1034Human B7-H3 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1035Human CD70 with N-hFcExpi2931mg$1,455.25
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