Receptor Proteins

Receptor proteins are located on the cell membrane, can bind to its corresponding ligand, and conduct signal transduction to initiate a series of intracellular signaling cascade effects. According to the receptor protein structure, transduction process, cascade effect, and receptor location, receptor proteins can be divided into five categories: ion channel receptors, which play a role in the rapid reaction of single transduction. G-protein coupled receptors, a family of membrane receptors that connect intracellular effector systems through G-proteins. Receptors with tyrosine kinase activity, a family of transmembrane receptor proteins with tyrosine kinase activity. Tyrosine protein kinase-coupled receptors, activates the other tyrosine kinases through conformational change, thereby initiating the intracellular signaling process. Intracellular receptors, present in the cytoplasm and the nucleus, bind to ligands that cross the cell membrane and exerts biological effects by activating enzymes.

Partial Products List

Cat #ProteinExpression systemSizePrice ($)
EXH1059Human EGFR with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,381.32
EXH1060Human EGFR with C-hFcExpi2931mg$1,322.96
EXH1061Human HER2 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,645.91
EXH1062Human OX40L with N-His-FlagExpi2931mg$3,175.10
EXH1063Human FGFR1 alpha (IIIc) with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,322.96
EXH1064Human FGFR2 beta domain 1-2 with C-hFcExpi2931mg$1,984.44
EXH1065Human CD16a(V176) with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1066Human CD16b with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1067Human TNFR2 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1068Human TRAIL R2 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,852.14
EXH1069Human VEGFR2 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1070Human FcRn with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,844.36
EXM1071Mouse FcRn with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,844.36
EXH1072Human TNFR1 with C-HisExpi2931mg$1,984.44
EXH1073Human PDGFR beta with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,653.70
EXH1074Human FcERI with C-HisExpi2931mg$3,327.90
EXH1075Human IL2R alpha with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1076Human CD124 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1077Human CD23 with N-HisExpi2931mg$2,182.88
EXH1078Human Fc gamma RIIA / CD32a (H167) with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1079Human Fc gamma RIIA / CD32a (R167) with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1080Human Fc gamma RIIB / CD32b with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1081Human IL-6R alpha with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,381.32
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