Signal Transduction

The process of various signal transduction molecules recognizing and interacting with each other to convert and transmit signals is called signal transduction. When the external environment changes, multicellular organisms transmit information through a complex signal transmission system in order to regulate the body activities. Transduction involves direct contact with neighboring cells and secretion of various chemicals to regulate metabolism and function of other cells. The general steps of transmembrane signal transduction includes the release of information material by a specific cell, diffusion or circulation of the cell material to the target cell, specific binding with the target cell receptor, then the receptor converts the signal and initiates the intracellular messenger system, and lastly the target cell produces biological effects.

Common proteins in key cell signal transduction pathways include extracellular growth factors, membrane receptors, GTPs, protein kinases, response elements, binding proteins, and transcription factors. Popular signal transduction pathways and its related protein categories include: MAPK/ERK pathways, AKT pathways, Wnt pathways, phosphorylated proteins (serine or tyrosine phosphorylated proteins), and transcription factors.

Partial Products List

Cat #ProteinExpression systemSizePrice ($)
EH1082Human P38 with N-HisE. coli100ug$425.99
EXH1083Human Fas with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,910.51
EXH1084Human HMGB1 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXH1085Human DKK1 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,116.73
EXH1086Human TRAIL R4 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,785.99
EXH1087Human CD46 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,579.77
EXH1088Human Factor H/CFH with C-HisExpi293100ug$511.98
EXH1089Human Notch1 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$2,645.91
EXH1090Human DLL4 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,587.55
EH1091Human 14-3-3 epsilonE. coli100ug$511.98
EXH1092Human Factor D/CFD with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXM1093Mouse FZD1 with C-HisExpi293100ug$511.98
EXH1094Human RSPO1 with C-HisExpi2931mg$2,778.21
EXH1095Human E-Cadherin/CDH1 with C-HisExpi293200ug$597.98
EXH1096Human Insulin Receptor with C-HisExpi293100ug$619.14
EXH1097Human TRAIL R1 with C-His-AviExpi2931mg$1,918.29
EXH1098Human DDR1 with C-HisExpi293100ug$511.98
EXH1099Human Frizzled 10/FZD10 with C-HisExpi293100ug$511.98
EH1100Human SUMO1 with N-HisE. coli50ug$511.98
EH1101Human Caspase-7 with C-HisE. coli20ug$597.98
EXH1102Human N Cadherin/CDH2 with C-hFc-HisExpi293100ug$511.98
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