Study on the Functions of Nucleic Acid

Aptamers have good affinities and high specificities for certain target molecuels. Gene synthesis is widely used to synthesize aptamer libraries, which can then be used to screen and collect aptamers with high specificity for tumor targets of interest. Drug conjugation has important applications in tumor diagnosis and treatment. This is because the generated drugs can be highly specified and precisely delivered to combat tumor cells. The expression of miRNA in cell or organisms can prevent viruses from amplifying while significantly reducing the chance of the virus infecting the organisms. In addition, the use of gene synthesis to synthesize lentiviral vectors containing shRNA for functional gene screening has also been widely applied.

Research workflow of aptamers


Research Workflow of miRNA


Service Advantages

    • High-Throughput DNA Synthesis Platform
    • With the industry leading high-throughput chip-based synthesis technology, Synbio Technologies is capable to synthesize customized aptamer libraries with high capacity.

    • RNA Synthesis
    • RNA services included single chains, and to provide fluorescent labeling, and group modification that are purified by HPLC and without RNase pollution.

    • NGS High-Throughput Sequencing
    • High-sensitivity sequencing methods can provide high-quality sequencing services for a variety of organisms and tissue types in a relatively short time.

    • Bioinformatics Analysis
    • The experienced bioinformatics analysis team can screen small molecules, DNA and RNA with different characteristics by analyzing NGS results.