In Vitro Transcription Service

Another strategy of RNA synthesis is by in vitro transcription, especially suitable for long RNA synthesis. In vitro transcription takes linear DNA sequences as a template, using T7, T3, or SP6 RNA polymerase to synthesize RNA from the DNA sequence.

Synbio Technologies provides highly efficient and cost-effective in vitro transcription RNA synthesis services. You can provide us with the DNA templates, such as plasmid and PCR product, or we can help to do the de novo gene synthesis of the target DNA sequences. In our design, we synthesize the T7 promoter before the target sequence, which is used to initiate the transcription reaction during the RNA synthesis process. For mRNA transcription, Synbio Technologies provides optional mRNA modifications, such as using mRNA capping enzymes from the vaccinia virus to add cap structures or using E. coli poly(A) polymerase to add poly(A) tails of the transcript RNA. Moreover, our RNA specialty service also includes sgRNA synthesis, you can use the synthesized sgRNA to transform the cell along with Cas9 proteins or Cas9 mRNA to perform downstream targeting.

Competitive Advantages

  • High performance: Standard experimental procedures, professional staff and abundant expertise offer the most optimized and tailored solutions.
  • Fully Customized: Provide 20nt~27,000nt RNA synthesis at microgram-to-gram-scale quantity. Moreover, both single type modification and one-stop design to detection are all available.
  • High Quality Control: ISO9001 quality management system with optional custom assay development and validation.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: As fast as 5 business days, if you provide us with DNA templates.

In Vitro Transcription Process


Templates for In Vitro Transcription

dsDNA templates often increase transcription yield of the RNA. Synbio Technologies provides multiple different types of DNA templates for in vitro transcription, including the linearized DNA plasmids, PCR products, synthetic oligos, and cDNA.

in vitro transcription

In Vitro Transcription Service Specifications

Gene LengthOrder SizePriceTurnaround Times
(Business days)
20-1,500 bp10ug-50ugStarting from $25010-15
  • Lyophilized plasmid with synthesized DNA sequence
  • From 10 ug to multi-milligram scale liquid RNA
  • QC report
1mg-5mgStarting from $3,500
1,501-3,000 bp10ug-50ugStarting from $25015-20
1mg-5mgStarting from $3,500
3,001 bp-4,50010ug-50ugStarting from $25020-25
1mg-5mgStarting from $3,500
4,501-27,000 bp10ug-1gInquiryInquiry

*1 For more information please contact us at
*2 The price only refers to the transcription, gene synthesis price and modification will be charged separately.
*3 The turnaround time contains gene synthesis and IVT; If you provide the DNA template, the IVT can be completed in as fast as 5 business days.

Case Studies

Synbio Technologies uses T7 RNA polymerase to prepare RNA transcripts. A comprehensive quality control program at Synbio tech can ensure IVT RNA purity and size by agarose gel analysis. We can also provide additional custom options available per your project requirements.
Features of Our QC

  • OD260/280
  • Fragment size
  • Appearance
  • Native agarose gel
  • Denature agarose Gel
  • Reliable lab report with timely update


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