Long RNA Synthesis >50mer

lncRNA play important roles in X-chromosome silencing, chromosome and genome modification, transcriptional activation, transcriptional interference, and intranuclear transport. The complex and precise regulatory functions of lncRNA in development and gene expression greatly contributes to the complexity of genome.

Synbio Technologies can provide high quality long RNA with modification or labeling, as well as customized lncRNA. Based on extensive experience in the oligo synthesis and the powerful Syno® Synthesis Platform, we can chemically synthesize long RNA up to 100 bases. In addition, we can also biologically synthesize longer RNA like lncRNA according to customers’ specific requirements.

Service Specifications

  • Long RNA
  • Amino Modification
  • Cy3 Labeling
  • 2’ OMe Modification
  • Phosphate Modification
  • Cy5 Labeling
  • Methylation Modification
  • FAM Labeling
  • Others

* If you need other modification or labeling, please contact us for more details by quote@synbio-tech.com.

Methylation Modifications

Methylation is an important method of modifying a nucleic acid. The result of a methylated nucleotide in the right position is regulation of the gene’s expression. For this reason, methylation is one of the most important aspects contributing to epigenetics and is closely related to many diseases, such as cancer, aging, and Alzheimer. Synbio Technologies can provide DNA methylation, RNA methylation, and related products to our customers.

  • 6m-dA
  • 5m-dC
  • 5m-rU
  • 6m-rA
  • 5m-rC
  • Others