miRNA Synthesis

miRNAs are single stranded small non-coding RNA of 22 nucleotides that play important roles as endogenous gene regulators by mediating translation repression or promoting degradation of target mRNA. While the normal expression and function of miRNAs are vital for physiological processes, aberrant expression of miRNAs has been proved to be closely related to the occurrence of various cancers. Perturbation of endogeneous miRNAs helps to study the function of specific miRNAs and holds the potential for therapeutics.

Synbio Technologies offers a wide range of high quality miRNA synthesis products, including miRNA inhibitors/mimics, miRNA agomirs/antagomirs and miRNA negative controls, etc. to support your miRNA functional research.

Service Specifications

Application levelResearch Application
NC FAM miRNA mimics1
NC miRNA mimics1
miRNA mimics2
miRNA inhibitor2
NC FAM miRNA inhibitor1
miRNA inhibitor NC1
miRNA antagomir2
miRNA antagomir NC2