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Synbio Technologies is a DNA technology company focusing on next generation DNA synthesis technologies and their various applications within many fields of biological research. For this reason, Synbio Technologies strives to research and develop cutting edge technologies within various fields of biological research. The advances that we have made in these fields offer a tailor made system we can provide for our customers to fit each of their specific research needs through the Syno®1.0, Syno®2.0 and Syno®3.0. Synbio Technologies has developed the Genotype-Phenotype-Synotype (GPS) platform – an advanced biotechnology transformation and application platform which is based on the Syno®synthesis technology. The overall functions of the GPS platform is design, manufacture and apply gene synthesis to characterize, engineer and construct natural & unnatural biological phenomena. Through our GPS platform, Synbio Technologies aims to create a variety of novel functions and applications commonly used in pharmaceutical, agriculture, biofuel, foods and environment industries. Committed to providing the greatest services, we track each milestone from precursor synthesis to quality analysis and assessment to ensure the highest quality and a quick turnaround time. With this combination of quality analysis and quick turnaround time, we are confident in our ability to efficiently provide our customers with the highest quality output specific to their research topics of interests.

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GPS platform

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Synbio Technologies’ proprietary “GPS” platforms help our customers on the following services:

gene synthesisGene Synthesis

Library design and synthesisLibrary design and synthesis

  • Alanine Scan Library
  • Site Saturation Library
  • Random Substitution Library
  • Antibody Library
  • Modular Substitution Library
DNA editingDNA Editing

DNA_Sequencing_Gene_AnalysisDNA Sequencing & Analysis

  • Genome Sequencing
  • Sanger Sequencing
  • SNP Assay and Analysis
  • NGS high throughput Sequencing
  • Microbial Genome Sequencing
  • Monoclonal antibody Sequencing
  • Bioinformatics Services
Molecular Biology ServicesMolecular Biology

Protein Expression & PurificationProtein Expression & Purification

Antibody DiscoveryAntibody Discovery

  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Polyclonal Antibodies
  • Hybridoma Cells Antibody Sequencing
  • Antibody Affinity Maturation
  • Antibody Production
  • Antibody Repertoire Sequencing or Immuno-seq
  • Antibody Discovery via NGS
synthetic biologySyntheyic Biology Application

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